Handling of Personal Information
  1. Name of Business, Title, Department, and Contact Information of Personal Information Protection Manager
    AKS Co., Ltd.
    Personal Information Protection Manager :Operating Officer(In Charge of Compliance)
    Contact : 6-1-8 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Omoide Building
  2. Purpose of Usage
    AKS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AKS”) declares to use the personal information within the extent of the following purposes as stated in the law regarding the protection of personal information (Act on the Protection of Personal Information) Article 18, Section 1 and JIS Q 15001.

    ・Client Information
    1) To provide information about products and services of AKS
    2) Product sales, provision of services, and sending products of AKS
    3) Questionnaire to improve quality of service provided by AKS
    4) Login of membership servies, user identification or confirmation of services provided by AKS
    5) Service provision or notification given in relation to 1)~ 4)above
    6) To handle customer service or inquiries

    ・Information of Clients
    1) To provide duties as stated in the contract between AKS and client
    2) To make business contacts
    3) To receive information or commodity
    4) To introduce clients and related personnel of AKS to other clients (third party)

    ・Employment and Event Participant Information
    1)To contact applicants of the interview date, results, and other information needed for the employment screening
    2) To screen documents used to determine if the person is deemed suitable based on the entry requirements
    3)To manage basic documents of the information registration management needed for the personnel registration after hiring

    ・Employee Information
    1) Personnel labor management (including personnel evaluation、placement (including temporary transfers and transfers)、training、and hiring)
    2) Wage management (including salary・settlement of compensation, and severance payment)
    3) Health management (including medical examinations and health guidance)
    4) Welfare (including property accumulation savings, discount services of products of AKS)
    6) Business administration (including contact regarding business, creation of various reports, and posting on Groupware)
    Text 29

    ・Inquirer Information
    1) Handling of inquiries, requests, etc.

    In the case where there is need for usage of personal information in the range out of what is stated, personal information will be used upon consent from the user.
  3. Provision to a Third Party
    AKS will not, excluding the following cases, share personal information of the clients to a third party.
    1) In the case where there is consent by the client
    2) In the case where it is done according to the law
    3) In the case where the information is needed for protection of human lives, body, or property and gaining consent from the client is difficult due to the circumstances
    4) In the case where the succession of business is made for reasons such as merging, company split, business transfers, and others
  4. Consignment
    There are cases where the handling of personal information is consigned to a third party within the extent needed to achieve the purpose of use.
    In such case, the confidential information agreement established based on the standards of AKS shall be entered into and made sure that the protection of personal information is kept.
  5. Notification, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of purpose of use of personal information, discontinuation of utilization, deletion or the right of refusal of provision
    Requests may be made for notification, disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of purpose of use of personal information, discontinuation of utilization, deletion, or discontinuation of provision to a third party. For procedures, please contact 「11. Inquiries regarding complaints and consultation of personal information」below
    The requests shall be made directly from the person involved, and if the person is underage, there may be a case where we ask for a request from a guardian depending on the contents of the personal information.
    In the case of either a), b), c), below, discontinuation of utilization is not possible, but in such case, we will notify you without any delay and provide an explanation.
    a) Cases in which there is danger in harming the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the person or a third party
    b) Cases in which there is danger in hindering the appropriate execution of duties of the business operator
    c) Cases in which the laws are violated
  6. Voluntariness of Provision of Personal Information
    The provision of personal information is voluntary, however, in the case where the required Fields are not answered, we ask for your understanding that we may not be able to handle inquiries or provision of services.
  7. Cookie Usage
    In this service, there are some pages utilizing cookies.
    1) AKS may use information of cookies, etc. to analyze the usage situation and provide appropriate services.
    2) For the membership registration service, we may relate information unique to users based on cookies in order to customize service provision.
  8. Notifications in cases where the personal information is acquired in any form other than a direct documentation from the person
    Personal Information handled through consignment will only be used for such consigned duties.
  9. Disclaimer
    AKS is not held responsible to ensure safety of the user's personal information in the links from this service. We ask for users to confirm their own safety in such case. Also, password and registration information shall be retained by the users themselves. Please take care in handling information when online.
  10. Revision
    In order to protect personal information of users or ue to changes in laws or regulations, the「Handling of Personal Information」page may be revised. We recommend for users to check for new information regularly.
    AKS may revise all or a part of the「Handling of Personal Information」page at any time. In case of any important changes, there will be notification on the AKB48 Group Website.
  11. Inquiries regarding complaints and consultation of personal information
    Any inquiries regarding personal information of yourself, or general Privacy Policy inquiries, please contact AKS personal information inquiry services.
    AKS Co., Ltd. Personal Information Inquiry Service Management Department
    email info@aksprivacy.com
    ※This email only accepts inquiries or complaints regarding the personal information of the inquirer. No other inquiries will be accepted.

    Name of applicable「Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization」and contact information for settlement of complaints
    Organization Name: JIPDEC
    Contact: Privacy Mark Promotion Center Personal Information Protection Complaint Consultation
    TEL: 03-5860-7565 / 0120-700-779
    Address: Roppongi First Building 1-9-9 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0032